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Planning for Your Best Clients During the Coronavirus Crisis


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Recorded DateJune 1, 2020
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The COVID-19 crisis provides a perfect storm for dynamic and valuable talks, financial, and estate planning situations.

Spectacularly low-interest rates, high mortality risks for older clients, and the possibility of taking substantial discounts with respect to the value of privately held businesses and real estate will allow for dramatically effective estate tax planning for our best clients.
In addition, assets placed into properly structured trusts that can alleviate the estate tax concerns, if and when the estate tax exemption is reduced to one-half of its value in 2026, or before then, make perfect sense now, especially for families who have leveraged situations that could possibly turn negative if a rough recession follows the virus freeze.

This 60-minute presentation will provide planners with conversation points, charts, planning ideas, and established strategies, which include the following:

  • Making LLCs and other entities more bullet-proof from possible IRS challenges

  • Establishing or further funding trusts which can escape estate taxation, and have advantages for creditor protection planning

  •  A review of the installment sale to a defective grantor trust, and what interest rates can be used

  • How self-canceling installment notes, private annuities and the SCGRAT can work for a wealthy individual with health challenges to avoid tens of millions of dollars of the estate tax

  • How to counsel a client whose company or professional practice may be insolvent

  • Income tax planning for individuals who will have a lower income in 2020

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Gassman crotty den

Alan S. Gassman, J.D., LL.M. is a board certified estate planning and trust lawyer who practices in Clearwater, Florida. He has an LL.M. in taxation from the University of Florida, and practices in the areas of trust and estate planning, taxation, wealth preservation, and the representation of physicians and medical practices.

Mr. Gassman speaks at many tax conferences, national programs and national and local webinars, including Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting, the Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute and at many other conferences and webinars.

About Our Presenter

Gassman crotty den

Our firm was formed in 1987 with one lawyer and a shared secretary and receptionist to provide representation to professionals, business owners and retirees in their estate and related tax and personal planning, business and corporate needs.

Since then we have grown to 6 lawyers and over 20 staff, which we have found over the past two decades to be the best size for us. We are very proud of our team, our systems, and our dedication to providing the best and most appropriate legal services for all clients, whether big or small. Our lawyers meet together almost every morning to discuss and work together on cases, strategies and practice improvement projects in order to work the most efficiently and effectively for our clients. We like what we do and enjoy working together.