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How to Create Change in Your Firm That Sticks


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Recorded DateFebruary 25, 2021
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The past year (and decade) has demanded a lot of change from firms—how you work, whom you hire, the systems and technology you use, and how you communicate with clients. What is often overlooked is the process of lasting change. How do you create change that sticks? Are you making the right changes? Do you have the right understanding of your firm’s vision? How do you implement a change management plan? What processes do you need? How can you convince people to change with you? If you’ve asked any of these questions, this webinar is for you.

The good news is that many firms have waded into these waters already. Learn from a panel of experts who’ve done the hard work and will share the sometimes vulnerable, uncomfortable decisions that were a must on their path to success. Change isn’t easy, but with a plan and a process, you can implement lasting changes to build a modern firm. 

As part of our Automating Success webinar series, this webinar will also highlight and help identify critical issues and fixes in our fictional case study. Read more on Klein, Rowe & Co today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the why and the how of your change 

  • Determine what it means to change to a “modern” firm

  • Recognize how to assess your change needs and craft a vision 

  • Determine how and why to build a plan for implementation (otherwise known as change management)

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Jason founded Thriveal in 2010 as a way to help small CPA firm owners connect. Since that time, Thriveal has helped many small firms grow by providing a community, coaching services, webinars, and live events.

Jason and his partner have been leading their firm, Blumer & Associates, CPAs, for over 17 years. Their firm was one of the first to move from a traditional office to a virtual environment, where they serve various creative service niches. He and his partner focus heavily on business coaching and consulting with firms and agencies while their team meets their clients’ technical and compliance needs.

Jason is the co-host of two podcasts, the Thrivecast and The Businessology Show, and speaks and writes frequently for creative agencies.  He has been honored as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting (Accounting Today).



Jeff Phillips

Padgett Business Services
CEO of Padgett Business Systems
(855) 444-3764


Jeff Phillips is an entrepreneur and accounting industry leader. He is CEO of Padgett Business Services, one of North America’s largest accounting service and business consulting providers. He also is a Co-Founder of Accountingfly, the accountant hiring platform for remote talent. Jeff was previously with, where he delivered recruitment solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, H&R Block, and Shell. He was named among the Top 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today for four years. Jeff has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Baylor University and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. Jeff lives with his family in his hometown of Pensacola, FL.


Dan Luthi is the COO of Ignite Spot Outsourced Accounting. He is a Certified QB Pro Advisor, Tsheet Pro, Guru, and a Gusto Partner Advisory Council member. He serves as one of fifteen accountants in the world on the Intuit Accountant Council, a group that helps shape QuickBooks' direction. Since 2010, Dan has worked with clients to obtain their goals, dreams and develop strategies to make their business better. Dan has been instrumental in keeping Ignite Spot at the forefront of technology and business processes. He's involved in partnering with firms and individuals that offer growth opportunities for his Ignite Spot team. Under Dan's leadership, Ignite Spot has grown from a handful of accountants and local clients to over 30 team members and hundreds of clients across the country.


Jina Etienne

Etienne Consulting
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Speaker & Trainer
(301) 778-5510


Jina is a consultant and speaker on diversity, inclusion, culture, and belonging. She creates training programs and workshops to help clients move forward in their D&I journey. She is a storyteller and speaks candidly about her experiences, hard lessons, and ‘aha’ moments that helped her understand the importance of individuality, the value of curiosity, and the courage it takes to “just” be yourself. Often described as “approachable” and “relatable” by her clients, she works with purpose and the intention of being engaging, practical, and immediately applicable to real-world situations. Jina draws from her unique background and mix of work experiences to offer examples and share insights designed to benefit everyone across the workplace ecosystem – executives, management, employees, and customers.

Previously, she was Principal Consultant at EtiennePartners (EP), a boutique consulting firm that offered a unique strategy development, workshops & coaching to leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. Co-founded with her husband, EP was a full-time partnership in both work and life. Although in different professions, their work often intersected around the importance of self-awareness in leadership and navigating conflict within teams. Combining their experiences, backgrounds, and work led to the development of their unique approach to D&I, which she continues to use in her practice today.

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