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Eliminate Manual Bookkeeping & Unlock Cash Flow Insights with Receipt Bank


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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateJanuary 13, 2021
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Course LevelBasic
Series: Bookkeeper
Course Description

Cloud-based platforms, like Receipt Bank, help accountants and bookkeepers grow their firm by automating many of the routine document collection and reconciliation activities that can often reduce efficiency if done manually. We’ll discuss the methods that set the best firms apart during this presentation and why having standardized processes in place is critical for long-term growth. 

We’ll also review the impact that technology has made on the traditional bookkeeping process and walk through a live demo of the Receipt Bank platform to showcase the key features that will bring value to your firm - and its clients. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what the ‘Power of Process’ is and why it matters

  • Recognize how to analyze your systems and measure operational success

  • Determine how Receipt Bank connects with and enhances your existing tech (QBO, etc.)

  • Identify the industry-leading features that will increase bookkeeping efficiency

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Kate Egan

Receipt Bank
Manager, Account Management & Partner Success Teams
(510) 333-3497

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Kate leads the team responsible for ensuring Receipt Bank's customers achieve the goals they set out to accomplish and more. As the manager of Customer Success and Account Management for Receipt Bank U.S., Kate's primary goal is to ensure that our customers are empowered to reduce the tedious tasks and focus on what matters to them most by leveraging automation and crafting the processes that help them grow. Having worked with hundreds of accounting and bookkeeping firms over the past four years to implement Receipt Bank, Kate now regularly hosts Receipt Bank webinars focused on best practices for change management and optimizing our platform for customers' needs.

About Our Presenter

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Receipt Bank is revolutionizing bookkeeping for over 5,000 accounting firms and 400,000+ small business customers globally. Utilizing award-winning AI and real-time data automation, Receipt Bank allows accountants and bookkeepers to spend less time on data reconciliation and more time on advising their clients.
With Receipt Bank, you're able to fetch financial data automatically. Utilize our smart tools to analyze tax, payment timing, and talk to your clients about cash flow - all in real-time. We work with everyone, so Receipt Bank integrates and auto-publishes to your choice of accounting software!