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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateNovember 23, 2022
CPE:Not available
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Course LevelBasic
Series: Bookkeeper
Course Description

For tax pros, it's all about efficiency. You’ve got great tax software in place to help get those tax returns done. You’ve notified clients of your deadlines (or are preparing to do that). But then clients drag their heels sending their documents in. And, when you do get them, it is time-consuming to organize and summarize what they've sent you. Did clients send everything you asked for? What’s missing? It's vital you have a crystal-clear process that ensures you get the right documents from clients, that they are sent securely and on a timely basis, and that you can easily summarize and annotate them so your tax staff can input them efficiently.

Rob Smith, CPA, will share best practices to create a process that ensures that once each client’s 1040 document set is sent to the tax team, it's complete, accurate, and leads to total efficiency. The software he will use to demonstrate this process is Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint and OneNote), and he will touch on using Liscio to ensure you get clients to send their documents on time. If your firm uses inexperienced or seasonal tax staff, or you simply want to learn new ways to gather, track, and layout your tax documents efficiently, this webinar is for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a client-friendly and affordable way to get 1040 documents securely and on time

  • Evaluate an easy-to-implement process for gathering, tracking, and summarizing client 1040 documents using the Microsoft 365 Suite

  • Determine how to easily annotate documents as they come in, including removing unnecessary or extraneous information before adding to the summary PDF

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Rob Smith

Head of Technical Content


Rob is Head of Technical Content at Liscio and the founder of Point7seconds. After seeing the transformative power of using OneNote at his prior CPA firm and clients’ businesses, he formed and Point7seconds to provide a platform to help teach other professionals the power of OneNote and Microsoft 365. Prior, he was a partner at the accounting firm of Gordon, Stockman & Waugh in Peoria, IL. He has taught at numerous industry conventions, state CPA conventions, SCORE, and Small Business Development Center seminars. He has taught a college-level QuickBooks class at Illinois Central College. He also earned the Elijah Watt Sells Award with High Distinction upon passing the CPA examination.

About Our Presenter

Liscio’s mission is to empower professional services firms of all sizes to put their clients first. By starting with the customer and delivering a secure mobile platform for them to exchange sensitive information with you, Liscio delights clients, increases engagement, and deepens their connection to the firm.  Client Experience 2.0 begins with Liscio.