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For QuickBooks Firms: How to Move Faster with Liscio’s CX 2.0 Platform


Cost Free
Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateNovember 23, 2022
CPE:Not available
(archived webinars do not offer CPE credits)
Course LevelBasic
Series: Bookkeeper
Course Description

Come and learn how QuickBooks firms of all sizes can get back to the work they love doing, and delight clients and staff alike, by making a simple switch in how they communicate with and exchange documents with clients. This session will show the Liscio Client Experience 2.0 Platform in action and will demonstrate the power of creating a single source of truth for staff to use together so they can move much faster than ever before. You’ll also see how giving your clients a powerful yet drop-dead easy “accountant app” can dramatically accelerate how fast they send documents to you. And lastly, you’ll learn how focusing on your client’s experience in working with your firm can create a clear differentiator for your firm. Think of this course as the ultimate group demo of Liscio and come prepared to ask questions about how it will work in your firm!

This webinar is well-suited for any accounting, tax, bookkeeping, or financial professional who needs to exchange sensitive data with clients and wants to make the process secure, easy, and a seamless part of the client's day.

The webinar will include a deep product walkthrough as well as Q&A.

Learning Objectives:

  • Construct the reasons that many firms are currently unable to add advisory services, or scale beyond their current number of clients without adding more staff

  • Determine the connection between client experience, and client response time

  • Recognize how easy it is to differentiate your firm from others

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Alison Ball

Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy


Creating and leading results-driven influencer-based content marketing programs, ambassador programs, and UGC acceleration programs takes both art and science. The art is to keep the humans happy, while the science is in the strategy, sequencing, and measurement.

Alison has spent her career developing innovative ways to create brand magic via influencer programs that seamlessly meld art and science together. Influencers, brand advocates, and expert content creators are highly effective ways to tell your marketing story. Under her leadership, Intuit experienced an exponential increase in top-of-funnel reach and engagement globally, all driven by engaged influential product experts and user-generated content.

Alison's strengths include top-notch communication and collaboration skills plus years of experience developing, testing, and creating strategies to collaborate with and help influencers engage with a brand. She is also a leading expert in developing winning strategies for creating mutually beneficial relationships with a brand’s best content creators and have taught these techniques to teams across the world.

Additional strengths include: Content marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, influencer relationship management, small business empathy, inventing and launching ambassador or loyalty programs, creating world-class conference tracks, accounting, brainstorming, and turning detractors into promoters.


Chris Farrell

(765) 566-7127


Chris has spent his career working both as an accountant and with accountants. Chris started at Arthur Andersen and served as a public-company CFO prior to Liscio. For the last decade, Chris has worked with accountants to improve business operations, efficiencies and profits.

About Our Presenter

Liscio’s mission is to empower professional services firms of all sizes to put their clients first. By starting with the customer and delivering a secure mobile platform for them to exchange sensitive information with you, Liscio delights clients, increases engagement, and deepens their connection to the firm.  Client Experience 2.0 begins with Liscio.