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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateJuly 17, 2013
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- Are you facing the prospect of buying out one or more of the owners in your firm in the near future?
- Does your owner agreement have terms that make doing this financially viable?
- Are you uncertain that you can retain the firm-s business following the buyout?
- Will your retiring partners receive fair compensation for their equity without the remaining partners earning less?

In this webinar, Transition Advisors CEO Terry Putney will address key issues you need to know to answer the above questions, as well as:

- How you can ensure the buyout of retiring owners and other ownership transition events result in winning outcomes for your firm and the transitioning owners Participants can learn:
- The underlying premises for determining value in a CPA firm
- How you can make sure the business plan for the transition of an owner-s duties and the buyout terms are aligned
- The differences in how your agreement should deal with retirement, voluntary or involuntary resignation, death and disability
- How you can determine what your firm is worth in an internal transition of ownership

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Terry has more than 35 years’ experience in the CPA profession. For six years, he served as Managing Director - Mergers & Acquisitions for RSM McGladrey, the country’s fifth-largest accounting firm and held several executive posts with its corporate parent, H&R Block. At RSM, he structured and negotiated numerous deals resulting in the acquisition of accounting and consulting firms ranging in size from sole proprietors to multi-state firms with hundreds of staff and professionals. Prior to joining McGladrey, he served as Managing Partner of Donnelly Meiners Jordan Kline, a 60-person CPA firm in Kansas City. Terry believes it’s imperative that practitioners have a clear understanding of their objectives when pursuing a sale of their practice or the merger with, or acquisition of, another practice. “I've seen deals not work or not materialize because one of the parties to the succession plan had not thought through what they really wanted to accomplish. Transition Advisors will make sure the approach to executing your plan will meet your objectives. Because we are consultants and not brokers, we can be much more flexible in helping a firm succeed with its transition plan.”

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