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Article by Mike Giardina called "Collaboration and Mobility Collide."
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Presentation Length 1.5 hours

Recorded DateOctober 3, 2014
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Course Description

We all need to constantly review how our firms are managed. One key to success is finding new ways to work more productively. To do that requires finding the right technology tools and best practices that meet the needs of the firm and its clients. Creating the recipe for success also requires building attractive culture and bullet proof infrastructure. When we find the right combination, increased profits, less stress and fewer hours worked lead to a greater work-life balance, the reasons we got into business for. When we create the successful firm we experience the promised benefits of ownership than not only leads us to greater financial opportunities, but creates future value and a transition plan. Join Michael Giardina as he explores the 10 keys necessary to succeed.

Learning Objectives

  • Find out what differentiates a successful firm from a surviving firm.

  • Explore new technology and methods that improve efficiencies and increase revenues.

  • Discover how your team can provide exceptional client service while spending less time in administration.

  • Learn how a firm’s selling value is increased when practical solutions are employed.

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Michael Giardina

Office Tools
EVP of OfficeTools Product

(661) 794-2220

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Michael Giardina is the Designer and Architect of the OfficeTools WorkSpace™ and WorkSpace™ Online software. Michael has owned a tax practice, worked for multiple firms and provided consulting to over 500 firms. Michael routinely speaks at Accounting & Tax Conferences and webinars on the benefits of technology and effective firm management. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado.

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Office Tools is the leading provider of practice management software and resources for firms in the accounting profession. Its primary products, Workspace™ and Workspace™ On-Line, combine a suite of core accountant/tax firm applications that handle contact management, tasks, due dates, document management, time tracking, billing, and workflow management into an integrated solution that is operated from a single interface. Office Tools also provides the Annual Practice Management and Tech Conference for members of the accounting industry and My Office Today, a print/online publication that offers resources from industry experts in three main sections: practice management, technology, and marketing.