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Comply Right
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At ComplyRight, our mission is to free employers from the burden of tracking and complying with the complex
web of federal, state and local employment laws, so they can stay focused on managing and growing their 
businesses. How do we do this? We talk to employers every day. We listen to better understand their challenges.
We track federal, state and local regulatory activity. And we consult with our in-house legal research 
team to understand how employment regulations affect employers day-to-day.

We use these insights to create practical, affordable solutions that streamline essential tasks while staying
‘within the lines’ of those complex laws. We complement these solutions with educational content and actionable
guidance to help employers act in their own best interest while still doing right by employees.

From hiring and training, to time tracking and recordkeeping, to labor law posting and tax information reporting,
our innovative products and services address the real-world challenges employers face every day.