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Kristin Scroggin, the Managing Partner and Lead Trainer at genWHY Communication Strategies, realized she had a big problem three years into her teaching career at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Her plan of making all her Millennial students "love her" (so they would work harder in her classes) was backfiring. Instead of working harder, they thought she was more likely to "hook them up" with a good grade. It was time to find a new pedagogical (teaching) style that would work for a new generation of students. That's when she began actively studying the Millennial Generation.

For the next eleven years, Kristin surveyed and interviewed students who came through her Communication classes. Students ranged from children of NASA rocket scientist to military "brats" who spent years living across the United States.  Data was collected on everything from future family plans, to ideal work hours, and measured across the decade. This information was collated and put into a humorous and informative presentation that meets the needs of almost every industry.