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Pinnacle Equity Solutions provides advisors - financial planners, attorneys, estate planners, accountants, and Mergers and Acquisitions professionals with the tools they need to incorporate Business Exit Planning into their advisory practices. The key to tapping into this area is knowledge. You need to understand the marketplace and develop methods to become an asset to the business owner. We train, coach and provide marketing support to advisors to business owners on exit strategy planning. We are confident that by joining our membership programs will get you more clients, increase your exposure in the marketplace, diversify your business, increase your revenues and challenge you in a new and exciting way. John Leonetti, founder of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, authored Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth to help business owners and their advisors get started on the path to successful exits. John and his team at Pinnacle work with advisors to prepare them to have the intelligent conversation with the business owner about their goals, financial and mental readiness, range of values for the business, options and execution for exit. The Pinnacle team also provides the support and tools for the advisor to follow the six-step process outlined in the book and create the exit plan for the owner (s) of the business. Pinnacle Equity Solutions supports its advisors with monthly coaching calls, monthly calls with Spotlight Guests who are experts in their field, newsletters for marketing to the owner in the name of the advisor, workshops, home study courses and memberships.