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All Frequently Asked Questions

Credits & Reporting
When is CE reported to the IRS?
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U.S. Enrolled Agents are eligible to earn CE credit for select courses on CPAacademy.

Please make sure to have your PTIN entered in your CPAacademy Profile. (MY ACCOUNT --> Edit Profile)

Here is a list of upcoming classes that qualify for CE: CE Eligible Classes

We report CE to the IRS periodically according to their guidelines (in other words, not after every class, but on a quarterly or monthly schedule).

Please note that the IRS does not accept half (.5) credits. To meet IRS guidelines, we round down to the full hour (ex: If the course qualified for 1.5 credits, 1 credit will be offered, as advertised on the Course Page).

Regarding the uploading of information: During the first nine months of the year, we must report program completion information quarterly at a minimum (by March 31, June 30 and Sept 30). During the fourth quarter (Oct 1 - Dec 31), we must report program completion information within 10 days of delivery of each program. This will help ensure that CE information is available during the PTIN renewal period.
Did not attend / did not earn credit - Error or Dispute
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If your account shows that you either did not attend a webinar or you did not earn credit for a webinar, please consider the following:

  • -Has it been at least 24 hours since the webinar ended
  • -Were you logged in for the minimum required time
  • -Did you answer the minimum number of polling questions
  • -Did you login to the webinar using a different name or emails address than what's listed in your CPAacademy profile*
  • -Did you attend in a group setting and need to complete a proctor letter
  • -Was the webinar a non-credit course

Some courses are offered on multiple days - did you attend on a different date but registered for more than one date

*If you believe you may have logged into the webinar with a different name or email address than what's listed in your profile, please complete a support ticket and include the possible alternative names and email address (for example: Mike Smith vs. Michael Smith III or michael@comcast.net vs. michael@cpafirmname.com)

NASBA Fields of Study
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NASBA has updated its guidance on CPE Fields of Study. In order to comply with these changes, CPAacademy implemented the recommended Fields of Study to courses offered on our platform following 12/31/17. Changes to Fields of Study definitions were further revised on 12/31/2019, and courses following that date reflect those updates. Please check with your State Board which has final authority on the approval of courses for CPE credit. An explanation of the changes to the Fields of Study is available at www.nasbaregistry.org
Why don't certain classes qualify for CE credit for EAs?
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A qualified federal tax law update program must provide a practical working knowledge of the latest legislative tax law changes and associated IRS forms/instructions/publications. Tax Law programs must cover federal tax law topics typically reported on Form 1040 returns, as well as other return types, covering basic to advanced topics. This category does not include: programs not directly related to federal taxation or federal tax related matters such as personal development, personal investments, office management, non-tax return preparation computer software or sales-oriented presentations for office equipment and other system applications. While the knowledge presented in a course may be valuable to EAs, the IRS Course Guidance only permits certain topics be eligible for CE.
Locate CPE certificates
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If you haven’t received a notification of CPE credit by email, please check your junk mail. You can also login to your account: under MY ACCOUNT scroll down to the “Past Registered Webinars” section of the account page. Locate the webinar in question. Under the Resources column, you will find the link to your certificate. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete the EVALUATION before the certificate will be processed. The Evaluation is emailed to you following the webinar, or you can find it in Resources column (it will be in place of the link to your CPE Certificate).

Locate course evaluation
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You can access the evaluation from your CPAacademy.org account. After you login, click on MY ACCOUNT then scroll down to 'Past Registered Webinars.' Find the webinar name/date and on the right hand side will be either an 'Evaluation' link or a 'CPE Certificate' link. We also send out a link to the evaluation after the webinar is over. Check your spam folder if these e-mails aren't going to your inbox. We recommend adding info@cpaacademy.org and info@cpawebengage.com as contacts.
Group Attendance & Proctor Letters
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If multiple attendees would like to join the webinar and share a single connection, please register just one attendee prior to the webinar. Upon completion of the webinar, please fill out the Proctor Letter and indicate the names of the additional attendees.

We provide you with a link to the Proctor Letter following the webinar which you can use to issue an unlimited number of CPE certificates, following each webinar. The Proctor Letter is also available in MY ACCOUNT.

General Questions
How do I contact CPAacademy.org directly?
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Please feel free to email us at info@cpaacademy.org. You can find additional contact information on our ABOUT US page.

BEFORE YOU CALL CPAACADEMY WITH A SUPPORT REQUEST, please consider emailing your support request or completing a support ticket. We are able to respond to emailed support requests significantly faster than phone calls.

If you reach the support voicemail box, please make sure to include the following in your message:

  • --Your email address (spelled out for accuracy) used for your CPAacademy account
  • --Your full name
  • --A telephone number to reach you
  • --The name of the class you have a question about (if applicable)
  • --The date and time of the class in question (please specify your location for time zone differences)

Are you registered with NASBA?
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Sponsor Id#: 111889 CPAacademy.org is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website: www.nasbaregistry.org. Texas State Board of Public Accountancy: Sponsor ID:009978 - Our webinars are approved for continuing education credit, or meet the state board requirements for continuing education credit for NASBA. Please check with your State Board which has final authority on the approval of courses for CPE credit.
Are payments made on a secure connection?
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We used a tool that processes payments from CPAAcademy.org called Stripe (https://stripe.com/). We don't store any payment information in CPAAcademy. All transaction information is processed by Stripe and we use a receipt from Stripe to see if the payment was correct or not. Stripe uses the protocol Https for secure online transactions.
Live Courses
Logging into GoToWebinar
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In order to earn CPE/CE, you must log into GoToWebinar using the same name and email address as the one you created for your CPAacademy account.
What are the system requirements for joining a webinar?
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The following article explains the system requirements and options for accessing a webinar: click here This tool automatically tests if your system is currently capable of accessing a webinar: click here You can join a test session to adjust any hardware in advance: click here
Cancel registration
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If you have registered for a webinar but are unable to attend, login to your account at CPAacademy.org and go to MY ACCOUNT. Select "Cancel Registration" for the class you are unable to attend.
Information Regarding Handouts and Presentation Slides
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Can I have a copy of the webinar slide deck?
In most cases, YES! Certain webinars do not have a slide deck and some presenters choose not to share the deck. These are rare exceptions.

How do I get a copy of the slide deck?
A copy of the slide deck is made available to webinar registrants in advance. There will be a link to the deck in registration reminder emails, in your account, and during the live webinar itself.

What format do the slide decks come in?
The slide decks are distributed in PDF format. CPAacademy does not provide any other format.

Can I access the slide deck from a past webinar I registered for?
Yes, the link to download the slide deck will remain in your ACCOUNT.

Are additional materials/handouts beyond the slide deck available?
Additional materials are made available at the discretion of the presenter(s) for each webinar. Additional materials are found on the Course Page. In some instances, presenter offer even more additional materials through their own repositories.

Will I need to download the slide deck or additional materials to participate in a webinar?
No, downloading the materials is optional
State Requirements
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Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) must adhere to the continuing education requirements set forth by the State Board of Accountancy of the state/s where a CPA license is held. The requirements for continuing professional education vary from state to state. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) requires certain CPE for maintaining membership.

There are also special CPE requirements for those performing work related to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA).

View further specifics here.
Present on CPAacademy
How do I become an Instructor on CPAacademy?
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For individuals or companies interested in presenting a webinar or posting other opportunities on CPAacademy.org, please visit our Getting Started page or email scott@cpaacademy.org for more information.
How self-study works
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CPAacademy self-study courses are online. The self-study format allows you to: a) access the material online 24/7, and b) study at your own pace Per NASBA guidelines, you have one year from date of purchase to complete each program. You must pass the review questions with a 100% score prior to taking the final exam. You have unlimited attempts. Complete your final exam at any time and get graded instantly. You can retake the exam at no additional charge (unlimited attempts). Print your own certificate of completion on the spot upon passing the exam. Grading policies: a) courses have a minimum passing score 70% b) test takers will not be provided feedback on failed exams (Sponsor Id#: HURS9)
Locating archived recordings
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Archived recordings will be available within 48 hours of the webinar. You can find the full list of archived webinars from the Self-Study Webinars tab in the top menu of CPAacademy.org. If you'd like to locate the recording from a webinar you registered for, a direct link to the recording can be found by logging into MY ACCOUNT. Archived recordings are not available for credit, unless designated as a Self-Study class.
Self-Study fees
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There are no fees for archived webinar records that do not qualify for CPE or CE credit. There are several Self-Study classes that do qualify for credit that are also free. Some Self-Study classes have a CPE processing fee. Courses with fees are clearly indicated in the "Self-Study Webinars" tab on the top menu of CPAacademy.org Fees are nominal. Refunds are provided for all courses in which there is not 100% satisfaction or the course is cancelled or discontinued. Any charges are reimbursed back to registrants with 48 hours.
Technical Support
Password reset
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If you are having trouble logging into your account, try a password reset. Click on "Forgot Password" on the top right of www.CPAacademy.org or click here Please check your spam/junk folder if the password reset emails are not going to the inbox. We recommend adding info@cpaacademy.org, customerservice@cpawebengage.com and info@cpawebengage.com as contacts in your email addresses, as our e-mails may be going to the spam/junk folder rather than the inbox.

Send Us A Message:

If you need to reach us directly, please fill out a support ticket or email info@cpaacademy.org

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NASBA Approved

CPAacademy.org (Sponsor Id#: 111889) is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website: www.nasbaregistry.org.

CPAacademy.org 1685 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite #205, Denver, CO 80222


EA Approved

CPAacademy.org (Sponsor Id#: HURS9) has entered into an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service, to meet the requirements of 31 Code of Federal Regulations, section 10.6(g), covering maintenance of attendance records, retention of program outlines, qualifications of instructors, and length of class hours. This agreement does not constitute an endorsement by the IRS as to the quality of the program or its contribution to the professional competence of the enrolled individual. Credit earned by attendees with a PTIN will be reported directly to the IRS as required of all providers. To ensure your CPE hours are reported, update your profile in My Account to include your PTIN number. Please note: IRS CE is only mandatory for EAs and ERPAs. For all other tax return preparers, CE is voluntary.

CPAacademy.org 1685 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite #205, Denver, CO 80222