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Dustin Meneses

Team Lead
(877) 262-5122

Dustin Meneses is the Senior Accounts Manager and Presenter for the FreshBooks Accounting Network at FreshBooks, the #1 Cloud Accounting Solution for Small Business Owners. He is passionate about technology and loves helping business owners leverage technology to solve business challenges. Being entrepreneurial himself, he brings over a decade of experience and understanding business processes, strategy, sales, business development, operations and management. He’s also an experienced speaker with over 10,000+ hours of presenting under his belt. For the last 4 years he’s worked within the accounting industry helping CPA’s and accounting professionals understand cloud technology, value billing and leverage the ever-changing world of business and mobile applications to help run their practices more efficiently. In his spare time he loves to learn new languages, travel abroad with his family and volunteer in his community.

About Us: FreshBooks is a simple-to-use, cloud-based accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners—the kind of owners who are passionate about what they do and may not fully understand a balance sheet (or even know what one is), and shouldn’t be ashamed of that. Since launching in May 2004 from CEO and Co-Founder, Mike’s parents’ basement, FreshBooks has helped more than 5 million people send and receive, print and pay invoices. Only QuickBooks has more online paying customers in America than FreshBooks, making FreshBooks the #1 cloud accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners.