Alison Ball

Director of Marketing and Influencer Strategy

Creating and leading results-driven influencer-based content marketing programs, ambassador programs, and UGC acceleration programs takes both art and science. The art is to keep the humans happy, while the science is in the strategy, sequencing, and measurement.

Alison has spent her career developing innovative ways to create brand magic via influencer programs that seamlessly meld art and science together. Influencers, brand advocates, and expert content creators are highly effective ways to tell your marketing story. Under her leadership, Intuit experienced an exponential increase in top-of-funnel reach and engagement globally, all driven by engaged influential product experts and user-generated content.

Alison's strengths include top-notch communication and collaboration skills plus years of experience developing, testing, and creating strategies to collaborate with and help influencers engage with a brand. She is also a leading expert in developing winning strategies for creating mutually beneficial relationships with a brand’s best content creators and have taught these techniques to teams across the world.

Additional strengths include: Content marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, influencer relationship management, small business empathy, inventing and launching ambassador or loyalty programs, creating world-class conference tracks, accounting, brainstorming, and turning detractors into promoters.

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