Austin Mao
Coach & Writer


I am an entrepreneur, spiritual guide, and writer. I have helped dozens of founders ranging from Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley Unicorn executives accelerate their lives and companies towards a being filled with purpose, peace, love, joy, and fulfillment.

My spiritual journey began in 2016 while I spent the last six months of my father’s life bedside with him as he succumbed to cancer. I put my new tech start-up on indefinite hold and committed to rebuilding our previously estranged relationship. In helping my father pass with peace, he would teach me the preciousness of life. My relationship with prestige and status would forever be exchanged for a search for self-love and inner peace.

My practice bridges the founder’s journey with a deep background in psychology and spirituality. I believe that the synthesis of science and shamanism delivers the greatest and most durable impact to one’s being by leveraging modern technologies and ancient wisdom.

About Us: Guiding creators to greater joy, peace, and purpose at the intersection of science and spirituality