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Bill Nemeth, EA, has over 30 years of experience as a tax professional – He and his wife Merry Brodie operated their tax franchise operation with 24 offices and 12,000 returns per year. They sold this business in 2012 and embarked upon a new endeavor, Tax Audit Guardians, assisting troubled taxpayers.

Bill is currently GAEA President & GAEA Education Chair.  He is active at the National Level as an elected member of the NAEA Affiliate Council.   He holds bachelors (Kettering Institute) and masters degrees (MIT) in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing (Wayne State University).  He is an NTPI Fellow and has taught at NTPI.  He is a member of the NAEA Tax Education Committee and is a Trustee of the NAEA Education Foundation Board.  He prepares and presents live programs and webinar programs on timely federal tax topics.  He has worked as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Prometric, the contractor that prepares and administers the Enrolled Agent Exam.
He is a member of the IRS SouthEast Stakeholder Liaison Group and is active in the IRS IMRS (Issue Management Resolution System) calls.  He has represented GAEA as a member of the Georgia Tax Practitioners Advisory Group.  In his spare time, he and his wife Merry are amateur beekeepers.

About Us: In 2010 Roger Nemeth managed a large tax franchise in Atlanta that employed 15 Enrolled Agents. Everyday he observed the large amount of time spent requesting and waiting by a fax machine on the transcripts from the IRS. These transcripts are difficult to read, therefore even more time was spent organizing the data to find the tax issues and help the client. He attempted to buy a "Transcript Analyzer" product to reduce the amount of time it took to handle these tax issues. After hours of scouring the Internet, Roger realized that one did not exist. From that point Audit Detective began and has now evolved into an extensive analysis of tax data going back to 1990. Their users have downloaded over 90,000,000 IRS transcripts and processed over 75,000 Reports. They are constantly improving the product and open to suggestions from our users.