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Dean Zerbe was Senior Counsel and Tax Counsel for the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Charles E. Grassley, 2001-2008. At the direction of Chairman Grassley, Dean was the counsel responsible for the modern IRS whistleblower law – signed into law in 2006 — which established the IRS Whistleblower Office and created an award program for tax whistleblowers. Dean “wrote the law” when it comes to the IRS whistleblower office and reward program. Dean represents a select number of tax whistleblowers – including the most successful whistleblower in the history of the U.S. – Bradley Birkenfeld. Mr. Birkenfeld was awarded $104 million dollars – 26% of the $400 million in taxes paid – based on Mr. Birkenfeld blowing the whistle to the IRS about tax fraud by UBS.

About Us: Zerbe, Miller, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav is one of the nation’s most experienced law firms handling captive insurance audit defense and compliance.  Representation of captive insurance company owners and service providers nationwide gives ZMFF&J a coordinated perspective on the issues and concerns regularly raised by the IRS in their examinations of taxpayers on this issue.  IRS scrutiny of captive insurance gained substantial momentum in early 2014 as The Service launched a series of 6700 promoter examinations aimed at multiple captive management firms.  In short order, these examinations led to informal documentation requests, and audits of captive insurance company owners nationwide.  By 2015, The IRS listed captives on its Dirty Dozen List acknowledging that captives were legal when done properly, but including captive insurance among  potential “tax scams,” along with identity theft, phishing, preparer fraud and offshore tax avoidance.