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Garrett Wagner, CPA, CITP

C3 Evolution Group
(585) 210-2446

The Entrepreneurial CPA, Garrett Wagner CPA/CITP is an industry thought leader on a mission to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and passion within the industry. With his ability to break free from the traditional CPA box, Garrett has embraced the entrepreneurial mindset and is on a mission to help others embrace the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Garrett focuses on monitoring the evolving technologies and best practices in the industry to achieve the highest degree of success without being afraid to break free from traditional methods. Garrett’s background includes working inside successful CPA firms, speaking at conferences and events, and consulting for CPA firms across the country helping them to ignite lasting change by understanding the unique needs of each firm organization.

Garrett believes that the public accounting landscape is undergoing a tremendous change and that by focusing on developing the next generation of leaders through education and leveraging technology any sized firm can be successful.

About Us: C3 Evolution Group was founded with a single mission: to help empower and create entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to change the world. We have all felt like at times no one at our current job carried about our future and that is where C3 Evolution Group's team of Entrepreneurial CPA's come in.  We care!