James Suh

New Orchard
Chief Operating Officer
(615) 354-7888

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James Suh is the Chief Operating Officer for New Orchard, a Strategy platform company, and the Founder and Managing Director of Nashville Analytics, a consulting firm supporting data-driven operations strategy. In his past life, James held a wide range of operations, business development, and technology roles across a breadth of industries from defense to non-profits and manufacturing to Insurance. His passion for data and technology has been integrated into all of James’s roles since beginning his career in 1991.

The US Military has trained James as both a Nuclear Reactor Operator (Navy) and a Logistics/Supply Chain Officer (Marine Corps). He holds a B.S. in Computer & Systems Engineering from Rensselaer and an MBA from Vanderbilt. James spends his free time teaching himself piano, baking bread, exploring the nuances of expresso, and immersing himself in the theory of complex systems.

James and his wife Karri live in Nashville, TN. He has 4 amazing adult children including a US Marine who was in Kabul, Afghanistan supporting the evacuation of civilians in 2021.

About Us: New Orchard is a team of evaluation experts who created a strategic software solution for companies looking to accelerate growth and demonstrate impact. New Orchard tools deliver powerful, flexible assessments across the enterprise to generate data-driven strategy and execution, delivering bottom-line results.