Kelly Allen

Level Advisors
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For more than 20+ years I have had the privilege of serving the financial and business needs of companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Having been both "in" and "out" of the trenches, I come to the table with a respectful appreciation as to the differing roles, their limitations, and their unique contributions.

Over the years of my career, I've sought (and will continue to do so) educational excellence in the hopes of bringing something unique to the table: A broader and healthier appreciation for varying disciplines. The additional experiences and education have granted me the ability to see things through a slightly broader lens will not losing focus on how best to focus my specific skill sets. The end result is a true appreciation on how to balance such things as the competing needs and wants of a business and that of its investors.

About Us:

To say “we are your solution” is arrogant and proud. We are collaborators that seek to work with other professionals and experts to bring the best solution to the table for the best result and the best value available. We do not see ourselves as “all things to all people”; merely we see ourselves as being a member of the team and, in the appropriate environments, the quarterback.

We work with clients that are already successful or have a track record of success. We believe that that resources should first be expended on those projects and clients that have the highest chances of success. Believe us. There are more than enough clients and opportunities that have a “high chance of success” to keep us busy. While we may miss out on the next “Google” or “NetFlix”, we would rather miss out on those opportunities than to fail in providing quality service and advice to our already successful clients. It also means that we like to partake and be part of our clients’ successes in a responsible way.

We recognize that every client is like a fingerprint: unique. Even corporations, partnerships, and any other form of business even have their own cultural personalities and mission statements. Failing to truly understand our clients’ mission statements and goals is a surefire way to miss the mark. Our advice would be completely different for the same exact company, in the same exact market, facing the exact same circumstances but where the goals are different.