Kexin Smith

Head of Sales Tax Research and Consulting

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Kexin Smith is the Head of Sales Tax Research and Consulting for LedgerGurus and will be addressing Q&A in this webinar. She is a US sales tax expert and started the Sales Tax team at LedgerGurus. Prior to joining LedgerGurus, she worked for Deloitte. Kexin graduated from BYU with BAcc & MAcc degrees with an emphasis in US Tax.

About Us: LedgerGurus is an ecommerce focused accounting firm supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs by providing great financial data to make key decisions. We know the tools, the language, the ecosystem, and the right accounting approaches. We support all the management accounting needs of ecommerce businesses with DEEP expertise in channel activity, inventory/COGS, and sales tax on top of bookkeeping, budgeting, marketing ROI, and running businesses with profit as a focus. If you are tired of teaching your accountants what you need and financials that give you no clarity, you need us.”