Lacey Myrick

Senior Marketing Manager
(713) 479-5439

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Lacey has been an innovative Marketing leader with 9+ years of experience delivering exceptional B2C and B2B marketing campaigns, content and collateral based on established and innovative strategies. Prior to joining SmartVault, she lead key initiatives in the electricity, eCommerce, and technology industries. She is experienced in both customer and lead generation marketing, with a true passion for delivering a solution that is a need of the consumer.

Lacey holds an MBA and a BBA from Millsaps University in Jackson, MS. In 2014 she moved to Houston, TX to pursue her passion of a Sr. Marketing role. SmartVault has become a second home for her, and she thrives on delivering value to those in need of solutions that will help businesses thrive in any situation.

About Us: Founded in 2008, SmartVault is striving to give people a better life at work. So in your business, you can spend less time and money filing, retrieving, copying and sharing files and more time growing your businesses and making money.