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Lawrence D. Mishkin is counsel to the Hoban Law Group, and a partner in the Northbrook, Illinois law firm of Silver | Mishkin which represents entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. A lawyer for 28 years, Mr. Mishkin has traditionally focused his practice on assisting his clients in state and federal litigation, appellate and administrative matters including alternative dispute resolution options (arbitration and mediation) when appropriate. In 2013, he expanded his practice to include representing groups seeking marijuana dispensary and cultivation licenses in Illinois, as well as business interests ancillary to the medical marijuana market. Since that time, Mr. Mishkin's cannabis based practice has greatly expanded to now include representations of third party providers to Illinois cultivation centers and dispensaries, Illinois health care professionals, Illinois patients, cannabis based investment funds and holding companies, the International Cannabis Association (general counsel), cannabis industry business consultants, and My Compassion (legal counsel), a Michigan based patients advocacy group committed to educating local residents and health care professionals on their rights, duties and risks under the Illinois Cannabis Pilot Program. He also regularly consults with and counsels persons and groups looking for entry into the medical cannabis industry. As a regular presenter on the cannabis business conference and trade show circuit, Mr. Mishkin has developed a strong network of connections with persons in all parts of the legal cannabis industry throughout this country and in Canada and parts of Europe. He earned his B.A. degree from University of Michigan and his J.D. Degree from University of Missouri.

About Us: The Hoban Law Group is Colorado's original, experienced cannabis business law firm since 2008, providing expert advice to clients in the regulated, retail marijuana dispensary system and the industrial hemp industry. As a burgeoning movement has become a multi-million dollar industry, HLG has grown with it, home to a national footprint of attorneys licensed in over a dozen states across the country with the expertise to offer clients a one-stop-shop for their rapidly expanding business legal needs.