Liz Wallace, MS, JD, LL.M

(877) 525-4462


Liz is a Director of KBKG’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit Services group. She has over 12 years of consulting experience providing R&D tax credit services to companies of various sizes and industries. Prior to KBKG, she worked for approximately 11 years at KPMG, LLP and 1 year at Grant Thornton. While working with each of these firms, Liz also served as the R&D National Credits Leader for the Pharma/Life Sciences industries.

Her experience includes working with numerous Fortune 500 companies. However, Liz most enjoys working with small to mid-size business owners and over her career has documented hundreds of millions of dollars in research credits. Furthermore, she has extensive experience successfully defending R&D credit claims under IRS and state examinations.

Liz’s experience spans across various industries that include: pharmaceutical and life sciences (including medical device), automotive, manufacturing, financial services, internal and external use software, chemicals, food and beverages, consumer electronics, aerospace, cosmetics, construction and many others.

Liz is a frequent speaker at various tax and other professional events. She has also authored several articles on the research and development tax credit and has been published in industry periodicals including Tax Notes Today.

Liz believes in a practical approach to research credit studies. As such, the design and implementation of the study are uniquely tailored and streamlined to meet the specific needs of each client.

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