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Madeline Pratt

Fearless in Training
Founder and CEO

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Madeline built her career at the unique intersection between technology, sales enablement, and channel development. As a business development leader, she has worked with companies from startups to Fortune 500s that were aiming to offer innovative products, partner programs, and marketing to their target consumers. As Madeline expanded her knowledge and skill set in the space, she was continuously crossing paths with people that were looking to truly understand how to thrive by taking advantage of technology, but didn’t know where to start. As she continued to be approached by friends, clients, industry partners, and founders for her expertise as a trainer and educator, she decided to launched Fearless In Training to help people build better businesses through technology.

About Us: Fearless In Training is the manifestation of a commitment to help women, accountants, and technology innovators develop the tools, confidence, and expertise they need to live truly empowered lives and deliver best in class services & solutions.  By founding a female forward consulting company, their intention is to help elevate women in the unequal playing fields that still exist in the realms of business, accounting, and technology. It is their truest belief that strong women have a positive and profound impact on the world around them. By working directly with women, as well as accountants & technologists, this firm can help shape future leaders & industries that are rooted in equality and empowerment for all.

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Date RecordedJune 27, 2019  CostFREE  Course Length1.0 hour  Subject AreaBusiness Management and Organization  Course LevelBasic  Instructional MethodGroup Internet Based  PrerequisitesNone  Advanced PreparationNone     Who should attend?Bookkeeper, CPA - small firm, CPA - medium firm, Other