Nicolle Willson, JD, CFP, C(k)P

Guideline Inc.
Senior Manager, Retirement Consulting

(888) 228-3491

Nicolle Willson, JD, CFP, C(k)P, heads the Guideline Retirement Consulting department. Formerly an attorney who graduated from the UCLA School of Law, Nicolle found her true passion for financial planning and helping individuals achieve their retirement and other financial goals. She now translates her 10+ years of financial planning and wealth management experience into helping small business owners create the perfect 401(k) plans for themselves and their employees.

About Us: We’re a team of entrepreneurs, investment pros, and technologists who are building better ways to plan for the future.

We're the only 401(k) provider that doesn't charge employees any fees on investments. And for employers, we offer transparent monthly pricing, in contrast to the asset-based fee model predominant in the industry.

By offering a full-stack solution that automates plan administration and compliance, the Guideline team is combatting what's, unfortunately, become the retirement industry status quo — legacy providers have put profit over the interests of employees, abandoning the goal of the program in the first place: to give employees the opportunity to save as much as possible for retirement.