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Tom Breedlove is Senior Director of Business Development at Breedlove & Associates – now known as HomePay – the nation's leading household employment payroll and tax specialists.  Co-author of The Household Employer’s Financial, Legal & HR Guide, Tom has led the firm’s education and outreach efforts on this complex topic.  

His work has helped HomePay become the featured expert on dozens of TV and radio shows and countless business, consumer, and trade publications. In addition, Tom hosts CPE-accredited webinars for thousands of industry professionals each year. These webinars help professionals new to household employment and those looking to stay current on recent industry developments.

About Us: Household employer payroll, tax and compliance service is all we do. It’s what we’ve been dedicated to from day one. When we couldn’t find anyone to provide the help that our family needed, we found our true calling — helping other families.