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Powered Path Program: Your Tool for Reflection, Planning, & Prioritization!

Leverage your past to power your future! 

Ready to elevate those 1:1s from "Just another meeting" to a "Game-changing strategy session"? Seeking that secret sauce to make annual reviews feel more like a launchpad than a look-back? Need a template to discuss your growth with your business peers?

We've got just the solution: the Powered Path Program.

Effective one-to-one meetings with consistent frameworks result in the following:

  • Better understanding of the bigger picture and growth trajectory of your employee
  • Detecting challenges and areas of opportunity earlier
  • Training team members to ‘manage-up’ and drive the meeting
  • Celebrate and recognize accomplishments

Here's How It Upgrades Your Game:

  • Streamlined One-to-One Meetings: Our dynamic template helps you focus on what truly matters, making every meeting more impactful. Say goodbye to aimless chatter.
  • Fortify Work Relationships: Cultivate trust and openness with your team and within your broader network.
  • Feedback Loop, Simplified: Know exactly how to ask for and give feedback. Develop your team without the awkwardness.
  • Showcase Your Team's Brilliance: Feel assured and articulate when sharing your team's accomplishments, whether in a department meeting or a boardroom.
  • Documented Success: Easily compile wins and 'brag-worthy' moments to support your case for that next budget increase.

Powered Path Program Testimonial:

MY DAY FEELS WRONG IF I HAVEN’T USED MY PLAYBOOK. I have a daily routine to check in on my short and long-term priorities and put time blocks in my Powered Path Playbook™. It's hard for me to adopt new routines, yet it's become so normal my day feels wrong if I haven't used my playbook. ~Izzy Beagan

The Powered Path Program combines the efficiency of a guided journal with the depth of an online course, all based on the RaderCo Powered Path Method.

But wait, there's more than just a planner here! This isn't about filling pages or ticking boxes. It's about recognizing and leveraging your most impactful achievements and lessons—no more second-guessing during meetings or scrambling to remember what you solved months ago.

What's Included in the Annual Membership:

  • Micro-Learning Online Course: Self-paced modules aligned with specific prompts for targeted growth.
  • Physical & Digital Playbooks: A 12-month paper playbook or a digital PDF to upload to a favorite note-taking app — loaded with actionable prompts for reflection, planning, and prioritizing.
  • Exclusive Training Material: Video guides on tracking wins and lessons designed to elevate your performance reviews and one-to-one meetings.
  • Bonus Planning Tools: Get a template for reflections and planning to extend to personal relationships.
  • Live Insights from Marcey Rader: Quarterly sessions featuring personal reflections and strategies from the productivity expert herself.

The Powered Path Program is more than a productivity tool; it's a proven system for skyrocketing your health, productivity, and relationship success levels.

Ready to rewrite your future by leveraging your past? Upgrade your leadership toolkit with the Powered Path Program today!

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Where health powers productivity, RaderCo helps leaders and their teams banish burnout, keep good people, and move forward through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking centered on practical, tailored tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and accountability. If your teams are drowning in meetings, tasks, or stress, our top-tier experts can equip employees, teams, and leaders to be their best, so you can all work well together.