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Sales Tax

Total Content Available: 203.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 4.0
Laws on sales tax vary greatly and can be equally confusing for businesses and their accountants.                                          “Sales tax” is a tax on the sales price of goods and services...
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Spanish Language Classes

Total Content Available: 11.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 2.0 felizmente ofrece esta serie de clases para nuestros miembros que hablan español....
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Total Content Available: 629.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 131.0
Taxes are the cornerstone of the accounting profession, and a robust continuing education in tax law and compliance is at the core of a strong accounting practice.This course series includes classes o...
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Tax Reform

Total Content Available: 90.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 31.0
Tax reform continues to be a heated topic in Washington D.C. with the ramifications of each new law trickling down to affect clients of all sizes.Our tax reform course series aims to provide a mix of ...
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Value Based Pricing

Total Content Available: 17.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 1.5
Value based pricing and billing is an often used pricing model for businesses of all sizes and can be particularly helpful for accounting professionals. This course series aims to empower tax professi...