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Presentation Length 1.5 hours

Recorded DateApril 28, 2016
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

If you want to create more time for what's most important, to make more money in less time with fewer clients, to increase the value of your practice dramatically, and to have a business that serves your life and not the other way around, this course is for you.

Traditional CPAs are facing so many challenges and risks within their practice today. Many are losing some of their very best clients for a variety of reasons, specifically those clients feel that they are not getting what they “need” and "want" from their current CPA. Many CPAs believe they do not have the time or the resources to deliver a world class experience to their most important clients. This course will share with you secrets of the most efficient CPAs in the country, and how they deliver a world class experience with best of breed solutions to their clients, all WITHOUT 3RD PARTY REFERRAL RISK.

We will discuss the alarming results from a number of recent CPA surveys of almost 200 Affluent Business owners and wealthy families about what they "want" from their CPA and are not getting. Jody Padar, author of The Radical CPA, just conducted a survey where 100% of the affluent business owners were not happy with the service that their CPA provided. Once you clearly understand what your target market wants (and is not getting and is willing to pay for), the opportunity to fill this gap is exciting and energizing to the CPAs who realize this in a series of “aha” moments.

This course will illuminate you as to how many of the most uniquely attractive CPAs in the country – “CPA Firms of the Future” are operating today and simply tackling all of these challenges effortlessly by using a superior, systematic approach.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to provide what your very best customers really want and become the most unique and differentiated CPA in your city.

  • Learn how to retain, attract and monetize your affluent client relationships, so that you deliver so much value to them and give them such an amazing experience, that they will want to brag about you at the best country club in town.

  • Learn how to access the best and brightest team of specialists in the country (Expand your brain-trust using a simple, proprietary process) without having to trust them with the referrals of your most important clients. 3rd party referrals are dangerous for many reasons, which will be discussed.

  • Learn how to build better relationships with your best clients and monetize those relationships. There is so much business sitting in your book of right now, that if you monetize it properly, you can choose to only work with your ‘A’ clients and make more money and create more time for what matters most to you and your family.

  • Learn how CPA Firms of the Future solve six and seven figure tax problems efficiently.

  • Learn what “8 Great Questions” to ask an ultra-affluent business owner that will help you to differentiate your firm from competition and to engage this type of client effectively.

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Alex Sonkin

Virtual Family Office
Founder, Virtual Family Office Hub & Advanced Tax Planning Instute
(858) 381-0795

Vfo hub logo

Alex Sonkin is the founder of the Virtual Family Office Hub, a revolutionary organization that helps elite CPAs to retain and attract high value clients, while evolving into Firms of the Future. The VFO Hub empowers elite CPA firms with the ability to offer a Virtual Family Office Experience Supercharged by Best-in-Class Resources that ultra-affluent clients want, need and don’t even know is available. Mr. Sonkin works closely with an exclusive group of elite CPAs from around the country, and teaches them how to use this exclusive network of Best-in-Class Resources whose job is to make each CPA look amazing in the eyes of their clients.

Mr. Sonkin created the VFO Hub in order to provide the elite CPA community with world class education, an organized network of carefully vetted, trusted resources that empower CPAs how to deliver uniquely impactful value, while generating 5+ figure engagements with their affluent tax clients.

Mr. Sonkin has been quoted in a number of articles regarding the evolution of the CPA profession published in “Accounting Today” and has been interviewed on popular radio programs, including “It’s Your Money and Your Life!” Mr. Sonkin is a graduate of University of Michigan Business School, in Ann Arbor, where he received a Degree in Finance and the Branstrom Award, a prestigious designation assigned to the top 5% of each graduating class.


Richard Muscio, CPA

Virtual Family Office
Director of Leadership Training
(619) 818-6624

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Richard Muscio is the Director of Leadership Training for Perfect Client Pro. In this role, Richard teaches CPAs how to operate as the “CPA Firm of the Future” in order to reach new levels of efficiency, to truly differentiate from competitors, and to become more profitable while creating a lot more time for what is most important. Mr. Muscio draws upon his experience of reducing his personal client base from over 700 to his 6 best clients, which all happen to be Family Offices that he now manages and assists with Wealth Transfer Planning, Income Tax Controversy Representation, and Family Collaboration and Governance. Richard is also a CPA thought leader, bestselling author, motivational speaker, collaboration expert, community leader, radio talk show host and filmmaker.

About Our Presenter

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Are you uniquely attractive to affluent business owners who represent your Perfect Clients? Do you want to better monetize your most important client relationships by delivering much more value, while creating more time for what is most important to you? Do you want to give your best clients such an amazing experience, that they begin to brag about you at the best country clubs in town (ideal organic growth)? Do you want to dramatically reduce your client retention risk, while attracting the best clients looking to upgrade their CPA and leave your competitors? Do you want to expand your brain-trust to include this country’s leading experts in various areas of the ever expanding tax code, so that you can present the very best answers to your biggest clients’ most challenging problems?