2021 Recovery Reset: Stre...

Total Content Available: 4.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 0
This fast-paced, practical mini-summit equips firm leaders, talent development staff, and advocates for women with tactics they can use now to win women back and to forge new ways of working that can ...
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2022 Recovery Reset

Total Content Available: 3.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 0
The balance of power has shifted at accounting and advisory firms, as it has for all employers: employees are taking full charge of the terms and direction of their careers. Even the most traditional ...

Blockchain and Cryptocurr...

Total Content Available: 66.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 9.5
Cryptocurrency involves much more than just bitcoin – the blockchain technology powering these burgeoning currencies has the potential to disrupt traditional accounting and banking standards. Understa...


Total Content Available: 526.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 70.5
These courses are tailored to the professional development of bookkeeping professionals and designed to develop skills unique to this profession....
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Cannabis and Section 280E

Total Content Available: 40.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 1.0
In a few short years, the state-legal cannabis business has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with even more growth predicted in the coming years. However, there are still many concerns for a...
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CFOs and Controllers

Total Content Available: 448.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 51.0
This series includes courses specifically tailored to the responsibilities and requirements of company CFOs and Controllers....

COVID-19: Tax Development...

Total Content Available: 163.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 2.0
As we endure uncertain times, it's becoming more important for tax preparers to understand the rapid tax and financial changes while adapting to new, viable remote work options.Courses in this series ...
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Culture, Diversity, and I...

Total Content Available: 71.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 2.5
CPAacademy.org proudly offers courses that encourage the personal growth and professional development of practitioners in all walks of life. This series encompasses classes that promote wellness, incl...
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Total Content Available: 55.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 9.0
As tax professionals, we are responsible for our clients’ most sensitive information. The amazing tools that technology has offered us all come with the added responsibility to keep our client’s data ...
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