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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateMay 4, 2017
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Course Description

Most Accountants realise their industry is ripe for and amidst rapid disruption - your clients needs are changing, how people want to acquire their services are changing, and the types of technology & competition available are changing.

Accountants have always had a bias to build from the ground up - but in today’s world the agility that technology presents you means there is a real opportunity for Accountants to rethink their model and create the perfect Accounting firm.

You can design and build your perfect accounting firm using 8 key strategies. One that achieves peak performance, with an amazing and inspired team, while only working 40 hours a week, with weekends off and more holidays away. One that can increase profit by 75.5%, capacity by 30.6% and revenue growth by 52.1% in just 12 months. One that is admired by peers and absolutely loved by clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why a redesign & rebuild of your firm is needed in today’s industry amidst rapid disruptive change - and how to leverage that.

  • Learn the eight key strategies & processes you need to create ‘The Perfect Firm’ for you.

  • Learn how to win back control of your firm, get more weekends off, increase profit, capacity & growth - all without hiring more team to help you build your perfect firm.

  • Find out the amazing results you gain after effective implementation of these eight key strategies.

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Colin Dunn

Co-Founder and Director
(855) 437-1379


Colin Dunn is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in coaching accountants to develop and implement strategies to build better businesses and help their clients achieve their business and personal goals. Having spent almost 10 years in a business advisory capacity in a fast growing accounting firm in the UK, Colin has spent the past 17 years training, coaching and consulting to accounting firms, in the UK, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Colin has developed content, products and systems to enable accountants to work closely with their clients to grow their businesses, improve profitability and better manage cash flow. He regularly speaks on these topics and passionately believes that accountants can play a major role in kick starting the economy by providing truly valuable services that their clients both need and want. Colin is an engaging and entertaining speaker who will challenge you, make you think deeply about your accounting business and provide you with pragmatic advice that make a real difference. Colin is also a prodigious author and generator of content, primarily in the form of 'how to' material to enable Accountants to respond to client needs with value-based services.

About Our Presenter

PANALITIX is a global membership community that contains everything Accountants need to build great businesses - for themselves and their clients. We believe Accountants are the support, the sounding board, the mentor and THE TRUSTED ADVISOR for small-to-medium-sized businesses. If we can help Accountants build great businesses, they, in turn, will help SMB’s build great businesses. SMB’s are the backbone of an economy. Yet they are the least supported and go through all the pain and suffering of being a small-to-medium-sized business. We believe we can change economies through Accountants by helping Accountants build great businesses and becoming the TRUSTED ADVISOR for SMB’s for all parts of their business and life. PANALITIX is where Accounting firms train and develop teams, acquire and deliver technology and content, secure accountability through coaching, and share knowledge via peer-to-peer interactions to drive increased profitability, enhanced capacity and sustainable revenue growth.