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Courageous Leadership: The Ethical Behaviors


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Cost $30.00
Presentation Length 2.0 hours

Recorded DateMay 17, 2024
CPE:Not available
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Subject AreaEthics (Behavioral)
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

Courageous leadership provides the impetus, knowledge, and fortitude to solve problems at all levels and enhance organizational effectiveness and job performance. Bold leadership is a state of mind. During times of uncertainty, courage behaviors reflect ethics, such as seeing yourself as a leader no matter your role or position, confronting an uncomfortable truth or issue like admitting you made a bad hire, or not being afraid to take negative action. Thinking differently and being willing to challenge the status quo requires everyday courage. Today’s business climate makes it more critical than ever for leaders to embrace everyday courage, but courageous leadership may not look like what you think.

Unfortunately, most people do not claim courage as one of the primary virtues they display at work. They mistakenly believe that courage is only relevant during particularly challenging times. When you identify the impediments to courageous leadership, you also find the solutions to the organization’s StuckThinking™, such as why many people are afraid to have a “courageous conversation.” The outcome-based on my research: courage is caged in the workplace. Empowering courage allows you to overcome obstacles like intimidation, self-doubt, and uncertainty. While courage remains a “potential” for everyone, it becomes a “reality” for only those willing to pay the price, which is why it is inherently scarce!

You will learn to recognize situations that require courageous leadership, such as how to permit yourself to be courageous, confront uncomfortable truths, speak without ambiguity, transcend rejection, and find new solutions during times of uncertainty by embracing your everyday courage. With over 24 years of original research, Sandra learned a direct correlation between your success quotient and your courage quotient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define courage

  • Define courageous leadership

  • Recognize hindrances to courageous leadership

  • Identify how to notice behaviors of lost courage

  • Identify how to detect the red flags that restrict courageous leadership

  • Determine how to keep “stepping up” to display courageous leadership

  • Recognize the distinctions between courage “Backers vs. Busters”

  • List some examples of higher integral levels of courage consciousness

  • Determine what ethical behaviors reflect courageous leadership

  • Recognize the courageous leadership development model

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Global speaker Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expert and principal of a 25- year-old human potential consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado.

With over twenty-four years of original research in integrating courage behaviors, courageous leadership, women’s courage, and non-gender integral levels of courage consciousness, Sandra focuses on the human condition’s traps and tricks. She believes that integrating courageous actions at work leads to a more naturally propelled and self-fulfilled employee, resulting in reduced attrition, increased team effectiveness, and improved bottom-line performance. She has found that there is a direct correlation between the organization’s courage quotient and success quotient.

Featured on the speaker circuit as witty, provocative, concrete, and insightful, Ms. Walston has sparked positive change in the lives of thousands of leaders each year. Sandra also provides skills-based programs for some of the most respected public and private blue-chip businesses and organizations in the world, including Caterpillar, Inc., Procter & Gamble, Hitachi Consulting, Agrium (Calgary), IBM, Hensel Phelps, IBM, Wide Open West, US Bank, Nolte Engineers, Wyoming Public Nurses, DIA, Auburn University, Xanterra Parks & Resorts®, Institute of Management Accountants, Colorado Assessors, Internal Auditors, AGN (Vancouver), Healthcare Association of New York State, Women in Mining (Saskatoon), and Farmers Insurance. She has trained on various topics with over 5,000 individuals and customized skill-based training programs, including webinars.

With over twenty-four years of experience with finance professionals, including a former Vice President in private banking, she has also worked as an educator. She instructed for twenty-three years at the University of Denver in five CPE programs, such as “Real Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage!” and “Uniting Women in Courage.” She continues to teach off-campus under Dr. Mark Vogel, President CPE4U. 

She is the internationally published author of the bestseller, COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman (Greece and Brazil), endorsed by Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Harriet Rubin, and Neale Donald Walsch to name a few. Her second book and follow-up to COURAGE, The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women, is about courage consciousness actions at work. Her third non-gender book, FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond, is not about getting a job but about learning to use courageous techniques to overcome work-related obstacles—limitations like uncertainty, intimidation, denial, apathy, and self-doubt. This book’s premise is that we can change our behaviors when given the necessary tools to grow and progress toward a courageous life. One attendee wrote, “Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of courage!”

Ms. Walston’s articles have been featured in Chief Learning Officer, Training & Development, Vertical Distinct (Malaysia), Real Simple, Zig Ziglar’s Newsletter,, and Strategic Finance

She is certified in the Enneagram, a system of understanding nine different personality types, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. She is also a certified Newfield Coach

Sandra enjoys golf, yoga, travel, cooking, meditation, reading, and being an 11th Hour hospice volunteer. 

Sandra can be reached at or visit

About Our Presenter

Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expert. As an entrepreneur, leadership consultant, coach and public speaker she has presented courage programs in a variety of formats to topnotch organizations from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. She also have taught for twenty-three years at the University of Denver “Real Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage!” and continue to teach it off campus under Dr. Mark Vogel. With over 25 years of original courage research that yielded three books on the subject, one attendee wrote, “Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of courage!”