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Roth Conversions: Not Just for the Young at Heart


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Presentation Length 1.5 hours

Recorded DateApril 3, 2024
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Subject AreaSpecialized Knowledge
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

Does it ever make sense to pay taxes on retirement savings sooner rather than later? The answer could be yes. This is especially true if you have saved up a significant amount of retirement savings. Roth conversions can provide you with important tax diversification in your retirement years. While we were told Roth IRAs were most beneficial for younger workers, and consequently, you may have ignored this option, many are finding Roth conversions make sense for those over the age of 50. 

If you believe taxes are going up, you may find Roth conversions can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes in retirement. If you want to reduce or mitigate the Medicare surcharge premiums, Roth conversions may help save you thousands of dollars every year in health care costs. If you want to maximize your estate for your heirs, need to manage your retirement for irregular income streams, and/or have net operating losses from non-passive income, you might want to consider Roth conversions. 

Join us to learn all about the benefits, the rules, and the how and why of Roth conversions. It just might be an effective option for those nearing or in retirement. You'll also learn who should not consider converting to a Roth. It's not a one-size-fits-all strategy. We'll also discuss important rules and how to execute smart conversions and address the Mega Roth and Mega Backdoor Roth strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the potential benefits of Roth conversions, including tax diversification, Medicare surcharge premium reduction, and estate maximization

  • Identify circumstances where Roth conversions may be advantageous, such as expecting future tax increases, managing irregular income, or having non-passive income losses

  • Recognize the importance of understanding the rules and strategies associated with Roth conversions, including Mega Roth and Mega Backdoor Roth, and identify who should not consider converting to a Roth

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Terri McGray is the founder and president of Longevity Capital Management LLC, a professional wealth management and retirement planning consulting firm that helps business owners and individuals work towards a successful retirement.

She has developed a unique retirement readiness program for employers seeking to increase financial literacy in the workforce and drive results with their 401(k).

Her expertise with plan design, ERISA law, internal controls, and investment management enables businesses to outsource their plan workload and engage a co-fiduciary to reduce their liability.

Mrs. McGray is a champion of retirement readiness and public speaker, speaking passionately about our national retirement crisis and the importance of good 401(k) stewardship. Some of the conferences she has spoken at include LA Accounting & Finance Show 2019, CA HR Professional Conference 2019, Professionals in Human Resources Local Chapters, Cal Lutheran University.

About Our Presenter

Longevity Capital Management LLC is an independent financial services firm built on over thirty years of experience helping individuals, families and business owners prepare for retirement and manage their financial future. Their advisors are seasoned specialists providing comprehensive asset management and financial services. If you have a specific service you need, including a second opinion or review of your current plan, they can provide a la carte services, as well.

Their mission is to create strong client relationships that stand the test of time, make a difference in their client’s lives and provide independent ideas.