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The “Thinking Into Results” Process: Getting What You Want


Cost Free
Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateMay 22, 2024
CPE:Not available
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Subject AreaPersonal Development
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

In this eye-opening webinar, our presenter shares what determines the results and success achieved in every aspect of our lives. Many accounting professionals may feel they are experiencing "Groundhog Day" in their lives, living the same life day after day and not seeing the success they want. They have big goals but past efforts to achieve them have been disappointing.

This session is critical for motivated professionals who want to dramatically improve the results in their personal and professional lives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the keys to reframing your daily thought patterns

  • Determine the origin of thoughts and beliefs

  • Understand the cause of habitual behavior

  • Recognize how to escape the "Groundhog Day" experience

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How much potential do you have locked inside of you? I believe it’s boundless. After two decades of supporting multiple corporations and businesses, I realized I was restless, restless to make a bigger difference.

That's why I founded Boundless Potential Coaching so introverts could take a the leap of discovering how they can exceed their own expectations. Together, we overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their personal and professional goals. Looking to shed those limiting beliefs? Let's get started and connect with me today

About Our Presenter

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Lisa Dy, CPA, MBA, is the owner of Boundless Potential Coaching, LLC and it's her mission to guide people step by step to crush their goals, overcome obstacles, and transform their lives. She uses her over 25 years of experience in multiple business settings to help teams and individuals address frustration and dissatisfaction, understand interpersonal team challenges, and lead with confidence. With her help, clients get to the root cause of their problems, work through their limiting beliefs, and make permanent change. She uses a tried and true program that has helped thousands all over the world achieve unbelievable success.  She focuses on helping "numbers people", such as accounting, finance or engineering professionals (individually or teams) but has helped other clients outside of that focus.

She is passionate about helping people live their dreams and realize their unlimited potential.  Learn more at