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Roadmap Your Career Transition: Preparation Through Execution


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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateSeptember 22, 2023
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Subject AreaPersonal Development
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

There can be many obstacles and challenges when making significant career changes. Establishing mental and strategic processes can ease the transition. In this webinar, we will closely examine what commonly holds us back from making a career change and determine what mental shifts we need to make. With the jobseeker landscape constantly evolving, staying relevant and competitive is becoming more challenging. This course will highlight the key aspects of your personal brand that will impact your marketability as a candidate.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what holds us back from changing our career

  • Identify the mindset shifts we need to make the transition successful

  • Recognize the role your personal brand plays in your job-seeking efforts

  • Give examples of how targeted storytelling enables jobseekers to stand out from their competitors

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How much potential do you have locked inside of you? I believe it’s boundless. After two decades of supporting multiple corporations and businesses, I realized I was restless, restless to make a bigger difference.

That's why I founded Boundless Potential Coaching so introverts could take a the leap of discovering how they can exceed their own expectations. Together, we overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their personal and professional goals. Looking to shed those limiting beliefs? Let's get started and connect with me today


Keith began his career in the media industry, working at an advertising agency, and quickly acknowledged his calling to pivot into sales.

He brings fifteen years of experience in navigating sales and business development across multiple industries, working with clients in the retail, financial services, medical and healthcare, emerging technology, and entertainment industry landscapes.

In 2016, his debut book, The Art of Instant Message was published, becoming the only book to teach online daters how to project personality through instant messaging. Keith’s book is based on his theory developed around the importance of having a digital footprint that is relevant, distinctive, and consistent.

Given his broad expertise in advertising sales, content marketing, and brand promotion, coupled with the passion for helping online dating clients develop and tell their stories, Keith joined forces with Raymund Wong, to co-found Creative Content Consulting. Together they leverage their diverse set of skills in executive consulting and personal branding to work with clients across career-positioning, educational advancement, entrepreneurial promotion, and dating.

During college, Keith taught himself to play guitar, sing, arrange, and compose music, fueling a passion for songwriting that led him to win multiple songwriting awards in an international contest. He also speaks four languages, having taught himself the basics of French, and in his spare time, enjoys teaching himself to play new musical instruments, being creative in the kitchen, and traveling around the world where he fearlessly attempts to speak new foreign languages.

About Our Presenter

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Lisa Dy, CPA, MBA, is the owner of Boundless Potential Coaching, LLC and it's her mission to guide people step by step to crush their goals, overcome obstacles, and transform their lives. She uses her over 25 years of experience in multiple business settings to help teams and individuals address frustration and dissatisfaction, understand interpersonal team challenges, and lead with confidence. With her help, clients get to the root cause of their problems, work through their limiting beliefs, and make permanent change. She uses a tried and true program that has helped thousands all over the world achieve unbelievable success.  She focuses on helping "numbers people", such as accounting, finance or engineering professionals (individually or teams) but has helped other clients outside of that focus.

She is passionate about helping people live their dreams and realize their unlimited potential.  Learn more at