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Diversity & Inclusion 1-On-1: Facilitating Jedi Conversations


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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateFebruary 23, 2024
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Subject AreaPersonal Development
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

Join me for a conversation with Ingrid Edstrom, Priestess of Profits. She supports accounting firms and mission-driven businesses in cultivating the systems and practices that uphold their core values, creating a more positive impact in the world and greater fulfillment and success. Ingrid will join me to discuss a different way to look at DEIB conversations. The DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) landscape within the accounting profession has been losing momentum. This is driven, in part, by the perception that DEI efforts can seem overly focused on racial issues. This focus may inadvertently create an atmosphere where certain groups feel targeted or blamed, fostering a counterproductive environment. Adding justice to the framework creates an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and catalyze a profound shift in mindset. Reframing through the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) lens can broaden the narrative, positioning these efforts to address disparities and as a proactive strategy to foster ethical, equitable, and holistic business practices. 

We'll explore how accounting professionals, as stewards of the financial narrative, can leverage their unique position to influence change in our profession, financial systems, educational institutions, and beyond. This broader, more inclusive approach encourages a deeper understanding of justice and equity as foundational elements in driving meaningful change within the accounting profession and the wider global business community. Our goal is not just to provide answers but to ignite questions and discussions that lead to increased self-awareness, mutual understanding, and proactive steps toward a more equitable world. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Determine the importance of widening the perspective in diversity and inclusion efforts 

  • Recognize the complexities involved in initiating DEIB conversations 

  • List strategies for initiating and sustaining brave and effective conversations about justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

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Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA

Etienne Consulting
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Speaker & Trainer
(301) 778-5510


Jina is a consultant and speaker on diversity, inclusion, culture, and belonging. She creates training programs and workshops to help clients move forward in their D&I journey. She is a storyteller and speaks candidly about her experiences, hard lessons, and ‘aha’ moments that helped her understand the importance of individuality, the value of curiosity, and the courage it takes to “just” be yourself. Often described as “approachable” and “relatable” by her clients, she works with purpose and the intention of being engaging, practical, and immediately applicable to real-world situations. Jina draws from her unique background and mix of work experiences to offer examples and share insights designed to benefit everyone across the workplace ecosystem – executives, management, employees, and customers.

Previously, she was Principal Consultant at EtiennePartners (EP), a boutique consulting firm that offered a unique strategy development, workshops & coaching to leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. Co-founded with her husband, EP was a full-time partnership in both work and life. Although in different professions, their work often intersected around the importance of self-awareness in leadership and navigating conflict within teams. Combining their experiences, backgrounds, and work led to the development of their unique approach to D&I, which she continues to use in her practice today.

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Ingrid Edstrom is the Chief Empowerment Officer at the award-winning consulting firm, Priestess Of Profits, LLC. She is a Woodard Certified Business Coach, a certified Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach, a certified Working Genius Consultant, and a certified Offers and Needs Market Facilitator. She has been recognized as one of the accounting profession's Top 40 Under 40, Most Powerful Women in Accounting, a Top 100 ProAdvisor, and the 2017 Top "Up-N-Comer" ProAdvisor. Ingrid is the leader of the Empower Your Passion mastermind group for accountants through the RoundtableLabs community and a founder of the Accounting Alchemy Network. When Ingrid is not teaching & consulting, she is usually playing Irish music or frolicking with her goats.

About Our Presenter

Etienne Consulting's passion is diversity & inclusion. The company helps organizations and businesses, large and small, wherever they are on their journey to fearless inclusion. 

Etienne Consulting's work is informed by their unique mix of experience in public accounting & business consulting, association management & member engagement, and diversity & inclusion consulting and training. Although in a variety of roles and industries, their work has always intersected around the importance of self-awareness in leadership, clarity of purpose, and navigating conflict within teams.

This led them to develop techniques to deepen awareness and strengthen communication — core skills necessary for driving meaningful change in organizations. They work with businesses and firms to infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion across all aspects of people experience, operations, policy, communications, branding, and community & social responsibility. Their training programs and workshops are designed to bridge the gap between diversity and inclusion by offering concrete skills and communication strategies teams and use to build teams capable of leveraging their full diversity to drive innovation, growth, and lasting cultural change. They also offer support in developing, implementing, executing, and reporting on D&I strategy.