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Technology Credit
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Technology Credit was seeded during 2017 as an experiment for developing a SaaS based study methodology. Technology Credit officially launched in mid-2018, and now 1) performs automated R&D study, 2) works with clients' CPA for proper tax return preparation, 3) assist, support and file forms 8974, 941, and 941X during the follow-up quarterly payroll cycles, and 4) performs IRS refund status update call for clients to complete the entire cycle of credit refund, No Exceptions. While our focus is on Startups, we are more than capable of performing the same study for regular businesses who use R&D credits to offset either corporate or individual income taxes. At Technology Credit, we provide significantly more services with quality and assurance than anyone else while we take care of you or your clients as if our lives depend on you. We build trust and friendship for every connection we come across.