Alan Patterson

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Dr. Alan Patterson has guided more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies in re-thinking how best to elevate their talent and drive effective organizational change. He has more than three decades of international consulting experience in change management, leadership development, and executive coaching. In 2006, he formed Mentoré, a consulting organization that focuses on aligning leadership, strategy, roles, and skillsets to major business shifts. Before Mentoré, Dr. Patterson worked as a partner for 20 years at Bryan Associates, Inc., a consulting group specializing in competency-based talent development initiatives.

About Us: Mentoré’s sole purpose is to elevate the value of the organization by creating deeper and broader leadership capability. The focus is on developing leadership skills in the unique context of the business, the organization, the roles and responsibilities of the job. They teach, coach, and drive strategies to create an environment in which any goal can be achieved by leveraging the strength and depth of existing talent.