Alozie Etufugh

Intellectual Property Hub, LLC
Managing Partner
(212) 309-8723

Mr. Etufugh is the Managing Member of Intellectual Property Hub, LLC, a firm that conducts webinars on Intellectual Property topics that inform and educate small and mid-sized businesses about Intellectual Property. As an Intellectual Property attorney, Mr. Etufugh has represented small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 Companies in the identification, procurement, protection, and enforcement of their Intellectual Property rights. Specifically, Mr. Etufugh has experience dealing with patent prosecution issues, including patent application drafting & preparation, responding to office actions, filing of continuation applications, and filing applications under the USPTO’s Accelerated Examination program. Mr. Etufugh has also provided clients with advice and counsel regarding patent litigation strategy and licensing. In addition, Mr. Etufugh has represented clients in various trademark issues, including trademark application filing & prosecution, trademark administrative disputes before the Trademark Trial & Appeals Board of the USPTO (Opposition and Cancellation proceedings), responding to and/or initiating cease & desist requests. Further, Mr. Etufugh has also provided clients with various opinions, including trademark clearance opinions, freedom to operate opinions, and patentability/novelty opinions.

About Us:

Intellectual Property Hub, LLC provides webinars on Intellectual Property topics for small and mid-sized businesses. The Company was formed with the purpose of helping businesses avoid costly mistakes related to Intellectual Property. Its webinars inform and educate businesses while providing foundational and advanced knowledge regarding Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property Hub, LLC also provides DIY webinars meant to inform businesses on how to navigate certain Intellectual Property matters themselves.