Anna Khayet

Padgett Business Services

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Anna Khayet, Padgett’s CMO, loves marketing and helping brands grow. As a marketer she’s been fortunate to work with some great brand strategists at American Express, Google and SoFi. Campaigns she has worked on have been featured in the Superbowl, on national TV, radio and in airports and transit stations across the U.S. Her work has also won awards including the Google award for marketing excellence, the AdWeek ad of the Day and WOMMA awards. She’s a graduate of Columbia Business School and has completed the Marketing Academy program at Wharton.

About Us: Padgett Business Services® is a small business tax, accounting and consulting company with more than 300 locations in the United States and Canada whose mission is to help its network of business owners make the most of their experience and expertise in an ever-changing industry. Its professionals receive streamlined client focus, top-line software and technology tools, client acquisition strategies, unmatched industry experience and expertise, and more. And with their Business Growth Program for Professionals, Padgett helps its professionals take their business to the next level…all while maintaining the control and independence they expect.