Belle Walker

Belleview Consulting
Founder and Lead Consultant
(415) 787-2729

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting, where she helps leaders reduce friction in their day-to-day operations by diagnosing and correcting systemic issues.  With engineering degrees from Harvard and USC, Belle brings rigorous techniques to a traditionally subjective aspect of business, yielding more consistent results.  With experience ranging from Project Management at Google to Engineering Director at HERE Technologies, she brings a wealth of technical and operational knowledge to clients ranging from high tech to non-profit.

About Us: Belleview Consulting offers project management services to mature companies and helps developing organizations to bring a united vision to their structure and culture while maintaining flexibility. Using rigorous Operations Research techniques, and our unique Seven Principles approach, we not only assist in current challenges but will work with you to lay a strong foundation for your future.