Brad Adams

Qvinci Software
Chief Executive Officer

Brad Adams is the CEO of Qvinci Software and is charged with formulating and executing the mission of the company. Qvinci’s Mission is defined by a single word: EMPOWERMENT! To empower accountants and bookkeepers with near real-time access to the relevant financial and nonfinancial data, reporting, and business intelligence that everyone understands.   
A primary component of Brad’s role is to consult with the leadership teams of accounting and bookkeeping firms of all sizes. Brad is known for his expertise in implementing advisory engagement programs that significantly reduce manual work hours while adding enormous value and profit to client advisory offerings.

About Us: Qvinci is a cloud-based solution that enhances the capabilities of QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, and Excel, empowering accountants and bookkeepers to save time and grow their client advisory revenue by providing actionable financial insights everyone understands. 

  • Patented technology automates the near real-time collection, consolidation, and account mapping of financial data to a Standard Chart of Accounts. Accomplishes in seconds what normally takes hours. 
  • Customizable business intelligence with color-coded trending (GREEN = Favorable / RED = Unfavorable) of key performance indicators that generates value-added client advisory engagements. 
  • Automated financial and business intelligence reporting with the ‘click’ of a mouse empowers accountants and bookkeepers to dive into the numbers with clients.  
  • Acclaimed Customer Success team that is ready to help every step of the way