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Brian Gray earned a finance degree from California State University, Fullerton in 1995 and spent 24 years in the commercial lending arena prior to embarking on his quest to help people properly plan and live happy, full retirements. His motivation to enter this profession was a result of two events in his life. The first was watching his father return to work after his investments dropped more than 50 percent during the tech downfall of 2000 was an eye opening experience. His father retired early at the age of 55 late in 1999 and was living on his assets as he was waiting until age 62 to take Social Security to replace the income from his job. Brian watched his father forced to reenter the workforce at age 58 with a lower position because his assets had dropped to a point that wouldn’t support his lifestyle for his and his mother’s life expectancies. His father then re-retired at age 62 in 2006 after the market recovered. The second event occurred just a year later the market experienced another 50 percent pullback from October 2007 to March of 2009. These two events shaped his beliefs that there had to be a better way to invest with lower risk to grow and maintain a person’s assets for retirement.

About Us: We Know That There’s More to You Than Just Your Money. We also know that to live all your life for the rest of your life requires that you have Peace of Mind about your money. Using our Defensive Private Wealth Management Program, we actively defend your assets against inevitable future market meltdowns, inflation, and taxes while obtaining excellent returns with low risk and low volatility. With money worries aside, we can work with you to develop an effective and dependable tailor made life plan centered around all the other aspects of who you really are.

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