Chris Meyer

Finatical Software
Chief Revenue Officer
(412) 478-8284

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Chris Meyer is the CRO of Finatical Software, a software company specializing in enabling seamless financial data integration between Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks Online. Chris started his career as an auditor with KPMG but then quickly found his way into technology by implementing SAP finance and BI solutions. Chris always loved the flexibility Excel provided and became CEO of Excel4apps, a company providing Excel based reporting solutions for Oracle and SAP up until it’s exit to Insightsoftware in 2018. Post exit Chris has been active as a CFOTech investor and is member of the investment committee at Born Capital. Continuing his passion for Excel based automation and reporting solutions, Chris and a former colleague recently founded

About Us:

Finatical Software enables seamless integration and automation between QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Excel allowing finance teams access to their finance data for easier report building, analysis and automation.