Crystal Stranger

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

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Crystal Stranger started out as a software developer in the tech world of San Francisco, then ended up homeless in the dot com crash. She turned her life around as an investor gaining millions in real estate, then worked in finance and became an enrolled agent and a federally licensed for tax planning and representation. Crystal has worked in project management and product development across different industries, but continually comes back around to software. She has been writing about cryptocurrency tax and regulatory issues since 2014 and has built several companies from the ground up.

About Us:

Cleer provides accurate, affordable, and efficient bookkeeping and tax services for US businesses and subsidiaries to help entrepreneurs do it right from the start. Cleer was launched to newly-formed businesses needing bootstrapped tax and bookkeeping to fit their budget and growth stage, and has grown over 5 years, 5 continents, and more than 3,000 Clients. Our tech-forward team is more streamlined with our paperless process to provide next-level results for your startup. Cleer also offers Delaware Franchise Tax Annual Reports, tax consultations, representation, R&D Tax Credits and other specialty consulting and compliance services, based on the unique needs of your business.