Dale Wisniewski

Supervisory Revenue Officer

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Dale began his career with the IRS in 2000 as a Field Revenue Officer determining ability to pay, collecting from accounts and assets and securing tax returns.  Since 2016, Dale has been part of the Civil Enforcement and Support Operations (“CEASO”) and is currently a Supervisory Revenue Officer located in Buffalo, NY. Dale supervises a team of Revenue Officer Advisors who assist the Field Revenue Officers with advanced collection measures (i.e. law suits, seizures, specialty liens (Alter-Ego, Nominee, Successor in Interest) and assist the public with lien issues as they are associated with property sales, refinances, credit building, claims, non-attachment (i.e. discharges of property from the Federal Tax Lien, withdrawal of Notices of Federal Tax Lien, subordination of the Notice of Federal Tax Lien to other creditors).

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