Dan Belarmino

Senior Stakeholder Liaison

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Dan Arnell Belarmino is a Sr. Stakeholder Liaison Tax Specialist with the Internal Revenue Service. As a Sr. Stakeholder Liaison, he collaborates, informs, and communicates priority outreach messages to all taxpayer communities, including major employers, community associations and tax practitioner organizations to provide significant messages that impact taxpayers to ensure compliance with the tax laws.

Dan started his career with the IRS in 2007 as Individual Taxpayer Advisory Specialist (ITAS), in the Taxpayer Assistance Center of the Wage and Investment Division. While working as an ITAS, he became the lead, on the job instructor, classroom instructor, and worked as a group manager. He moved on to become a Revenue Agent for the Small Business and Self-Employed Division. In 2020 he moved to Tax Exempt and Government Entities as a Revenue Agent and worked in Rulings and Determination department and Field Exam examining exempt organizations. He specializes in the areas of Child related Credits, Individual Tax returns and its schedules, and Exempt Organizations.

Dan graduated from University of Southeastern Philippines in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Literature. He earned his Master of Science in Accountancy in 2013 from University of Phoenix.

Dan immigrated from the Philippines in 1999 with his family, he speaks and writes fluent Tagalog and Cebuano languages.

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