Frank Stitely

Clarity Practice Management
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Frank Stitely is a CPA and managing partner at Stitely & Karstetter, CPAs. He is also CEO of Clarity Practice Management, a publisher of cloud-based practice management software. Frank has owned his practice for over 29 years and developed Clarity Practice Management over the previous ten years to serve the needs of both his practice and his clients. His recently published book, The Relentless CPA, can be found at

About Us: Clarity Practice Management was born from an IRL (in real life) accountant-client relationship kindled some ten years ago. While, in the beginning, Peter Daniel, client, didn’t mind driving over to see Frank Stitely, CPA/CVA, eight times a year, eventually he preferred catching up with his accountant only by phone. Then it was email. Then he wanted to know if Frank could send him fewer emails. And then Peter, a successful tech developer, wanted to know why they couldn’t just meet in the cloud, in one designated space. Then he wanted to stop all in-person meetings, all phone calls, and all emails. He said, “Frank, I can make this work better for you and me. And if I can do it for us, I can do it for all of your clients. And if we can do that, let’s make it available for other tax firms, and bring some much-needed change and modernization to the industry.”