Jeremy Layton
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Jeremy Layton started Verisave back in 2001 to identify and collect overpayments made by their customers to their suppliers. In 2010, Jeremy noticed that most of his customers were paying a lot of money to process credit card payments. After digging a little deeper, he found that most of his customers were paying much more than they needed to, and Jeremy was determined to help them reduce these fees. Over the past ten years, Jeremy has become an expert in all things relating to the credit card processing industry. Verisave saved its customers over $30 million on credit card processing fees.

About Us: Verisave is a seasoned auditing company that helps organizations identify and eliminate excess merchant processing fees. Since 2002, the Verisave team has served clients throughout the United States in a variety of industries by providing clarity and transparency in a complicated area of business. Our team of processing industry experts brings experience and knowledge to the table with one goal–to identify and implement measurable savings for your business.