Jody Stamback

Sr. Stakeholder Liaison

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Jody Stamback is a Sr. Tax Specialist with Stakeholder Liaison in the Communications and Liaison Division of the IRS. Stakeholder Liaison works with Tax Practitioner and other organizations to share information benefiting all different types of taxpayers. Jody has been with Stakeholder Liaison for over 20 years. Prior to his current position, he worked as a Taxpayer Resolution Representative at the Ogden Taxpayer Assistance Center. He was also a Tax Auditor for 6 years and has worked in IMF Adjustments and wrote training course materials for both Automated Underreporter and IMF Adjustments. With over 33 years at the Internal Revenue Service, his work in Compliance and Outreach has provided valuable experience with an emphasis in individual and business tax law and IRS policies and procedures.

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